Predictive Maintenance


Predictive maintenance offers the opportunity to use machine learning and AI to glean powerful insights about the lifecycle of equipment being used. On top of traditional machine learning-based predictive maintenance, second-order maintenance can add another level of AI to optimize subsequent decisions about a high-value asset’s upkeep

Benefits for the company

Predictive maintenance often allows the detection of impending failures that could never be detected by human eyes. With predictive maintenance, downtime and repairs are directly tied to likely failure, minimizing cost (e.g. less labor time, less chance of unexpected failure) and maximizing asset life.



Type of expertise/ AI domain

Regression analysis, Ranked scoring, real-time analysis and prediction

Internal data required

Real-time sensor data
Historical data
Operating history
Maintenance reports
Technician notes

One Response

  1. Take, for example, a truck from a large fleet with a part identified by a predictive maintenance system as being N days away from failure. Once identified, a member of the data team should be ready to send a secondary follow-up report to the maintenance team detailing the best possible options for time and place of service.

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