Real-Time Analytics

Wireless / Integrated

Real-time streaming analytics can deal with this task. Modern streaming analytic solutions are specially tailored to continuously ingest, analyze and correlate data gained from multiple sources and generate response action in real-time mode. Real-time analytics combines the data related to customer profiles, network, location, traffic, and usage to create a 360-degree user-centric view of the product or service. It also captures and analyzes the interaction and communication between the customers.

Benefits for the company

With the advancements in the telecom industry such as 2G, 3G, 4G, etc, the customers’ needs and expectations are changing. To cope up with this, the Telecom industry is using modern analytical solutions for performing regular analysis of data collected from the diverse range of resources.



Type of expertise/ AI domain

Real- Time Analytics

Internal data required

Network, Traffic, Customers

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