Reputation management

Hotel, Resorts & Cruise Line

Reputation management systems help you build a trusted brand.

And when these systems are AI-based, their capabilities increase significantly.

Sentiment Analysis is a perfect example to describe this.
Sentiment analysis is a branch of unsupervised learning aimed at analyzing textual data and recognizing emotional elements in the text. Sentiment analysis allows the company owner or the service provider to learn about the real attitude of the customers towards their brands. Regarding the travel industry, customers reviews play a huge role. Travelers often read reviews posted on various web platforms and websites and make decisions on their basis. That is why a lot of modern booking website offer sentiment analysis as a part of their service package for those travel agencies, hotels and hostels eager to cooperate with.

Benefits for the company

It is highly effective in gauging people’s thoughts about your brand. The project will help the business in improving their product and services to meet the consumer needs.



Type of expertise/ AI domain

Natural Language Processing (NLP), Text Mining

Internal data required

Reviews, Social Data, Survey Data, Ratings

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