Smart Grid security and theft detection


To predict and prevent energy theft energy companie monitor energy flows to react immediately to some suspicious matters. With this purpose, the companies are shifting to Advanced Metering Infrastructures, which are capable of reporting on the energy use instances and remote controlling.

Smart Grid security solutions are gaining extreme popularity. These solutions are behavior-based, thus they constantly track the users’ behavior to detect hackers and disclose their intended actions.

Benefits for the company

Smart Grids have helped utilities go from being reactive to proactive.

– They improve their monitoring and forecasts of energy consumption
– Manage energy procurement with greater precision
– Pinpoint inefficiencies at macro (e.g., city-wide) and micro (e.g., household) levels
– Predict potential power outages and equipment failures
– Hone their customer segmentation and tailor their offerings based on customer behavior
– Drastically reduce their operational costs



Type of expertise/ AI domain

Anomaly Detection and Prediction, IoT

Internal data required

Customer Historic Usage Data

External data possible

Geo-Spatial Data, Census, Weather Reports, Demographical Data, OpenStreetMap

Research Paper

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