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Sentiment analysis is analyzing the customer’s inclination, emotions, and feelings towards a product, its brand, and personal reviews regarding that. In Sentiment, analysis data is gathered from different social media platforms. This data is interpreted, analyzed, and visualized to get insights out of it. This may help industries to know “What Customer Wants?”
This helps in understanding the trends to make better business decisions.
Using techniques like natural language processing, data analysis tools go through the text and categorize it into positive, negative, or neutral. Any negative review can be analyzed at scale and preventive actions can be taken.

Benefits for the company

Social media data analysis can allow the industry to get customers insights to predict customers purchase decisions and brand loyalty. Also, the online social communities, comment to blogs, participation in surveys helps to tailor the product better.



Type of expertise/ AI domain

Natural Language Processing, Text Mining, Sentiment Analysis

Internal data required

Customer Feedback, Social Media Data, etc.

External data possible

Social Media Trends

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