Stock Market Forecasting


Predictions of stock market fluctuations are often underestimated in the trading sector and even considered pseudoscientific.

Though, businesses today have an opportunity to make estimated guesses and informed forecasts based on the information we have in the present and the past regarding any stock. An estimated guess from past movements and patterns in stock price is called stock technical analysis, and it is used to predict a stock’s price direction. At the same time, the most prominent technique involves the use of artificial neural networks and algorithms.

Benefits for the company

The trading market is subject to various risks, if they can forecast market correctly then they gain the ability to ride the market at perfect times.

Predicting the direction of stock price is particularly important for value investing.



Type of expertise/ AI domain

Neural Networks, Forecasting Algorithms, Text mining

Internal data required

Stocks Historical Data

External data possible

Events Data, social sentiment data

Research Paper

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