Student Recruitment

Education Services

The Educational Institutes can use the student data for discovering the educational programs that are best suited for the students for attracting a large number of students to their institute.
Social-Emotional Skill is an important area that needs to be developed through education.Facilitating growth in social-emotional skills is an important task of educational institutes. This is an example of a non-academic skill that plays a major role in defining the learning capabilities of the students.
Previously, there were various statistical surveys that would assess these social-emotional skills. However, with the advancements in computational methodologies, it is possible to gather a large amount of data.

Also, data scientists can help the institutions to understand the student requirements and provide the best possible facilities.
Many times, teachers have an unconscious bias towards certain students. A data platform will treat its users with a zero bias, meaning that there will not be any bias in the evaluation of student performance. This will provide an equal platform for all the students to engage and develop their skills.

Benefits for the company

All these various analysis techniques can be used to help the teachers in understanding the motivation of the students for studying the course and thereby leading to proper match between the course and student, leading them on path to success.



Type of expertise/ AI domain

Big Data Mining, Advanced Analytics, Data Visualization

Internal data required

Student’s interests, Assessment scores, Aptitude tests results

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