Supply Chain Transparency

Food Retail

In the present market, comprehending an existing supply chain with all its participants becomes crucial for carrying out smooth operations. By enhancing visibility brands can boost their relations with their customers and focus on building trust and connections while also delivering higher-quality goods and establishing authority.

By Helping drive the surge of such transparency Big Data allows companies and providers to keep a regular track of their transported as well as sourced goods. For instance, Various IoT and connected sensors enable providers to assess food and beverages throughout the process of their entire shipment as well as delivery.

Benefits for the company

Identifying the goods, sources and processes used to create your products allows your customers to understand what they’re consuming. When you use data to show customers that your supply chain processes are environmentally friendly and healthy, they may feel confident in the quality of your product.



Type of expertise/ AI domain

Data Visualization

Internal data required

Supply Chain inputs, Raw data and from where its processed, final output

Research Paper

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