Tracking and Preventing Disease


Data Science plays a pivotal role in monitoring patient’s health and notifying necessary steps to be taken in order to prevent potential diseases from taking place. Data Scientist uses powerful predictive analytical tools to detect chronic diseases at an early level.

In many extreme cases, there are instances where due to negligibility, diseases are not caught at an early stage. Machine learning is being used to detect autoimmune diseases.

Benefits for the company

Late detection of disease or negligibility proves to to be highly detrimental to not only the patient’s health but also the economic costs. As the disease grows, the cost of curing it also increases. Therefore, data science plays a huge role in optimizing the economic spending on healthcare.



Type of expertise/ AI domain

Deep Learning and Statistics

Internal data required

Patient’s Records, Disease – symptom universal correlation data

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  1. There are several instances where AI has played a huge role in detecting diseases at an early stage. Researchers at the University of Campinas in Brazil have developed an AI platform that can diagnose Zika virus using metabolic markers.

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