Warranty Analytics


E-commerce stores usually provide warranties for products that allow customers to deal with any problems at no cost during the warranty period.

Analytics relating to warranty claims can help to determine the quality and reliability of products, problems with products, returns and even to keep a check on any fraudulent activity.Retailers and manufacturers can keep a check upon how many units have been sold and among them how many have returned due to issues after analysing the data. They can also concentrate on detecting anomalies in warranty claims.

If manufacturers are able to identify early warnings of possible problems, they may be able to address them in time to avoid serious damage to the business.

Benefits for the company

This is an excellent way for retailers to turn warranty challenges into actionable insights and price their warranties, which it can offer it as a bundle to customers with their purchase of their goods.



Type of expertise/ AI domain

Text Mining, Data Mining, Anomalies Detection and Clustering

Internal data required

Return, Purchase, warranty claims

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