Critical Support During Operations with Deep Learning

[wtm_use_case_cats] In time of crisis, having all the information at one place analyzed and given in the actionable format is something that Data Science can help with pre-formed trained model. A system that would not make decisions for people, but rather push the relevant information that can then help on-the-ground personnel with knowledge of the […]

Threat Alert Systems

[wtm_use_case_cats] As the amount and severity of attacks grow, AI can provide real-time insights that screen frequent notifications and rank alerts based on their priority, enabling analysts to focus on the most important alert first. Feasability Medium Type of expertise/ AI domain Predictions, Anomalies, Sentiment Analysis Internal data required Historic Data, Real Time Data External […]

Crime Prediction

[wtm_use_case_cats] Crime data has two specific dimensions — geographic and temporal (crimes happen in different places at different times). Additional data sets provide other information on the weather, neighborhood, and public transportation that can impact the final model. Not every point in time and space is equally likely to host a crime, but machine learning […]

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