Supply Chain Optimization

[wtm_use_case_cats] Throughout the supply chain, analytical models are used to identify demand levels for different marketing strategies, sale prices, locations and many other data points. Ultimately, this predictive analysis dictates the inventory levels needed at different facilities. Data scientists constantly test different scenarios to ensure ideal inventory levels and improve brand reputation while minimizing unnecessary […]

Predictive Maintenance

[wtm_use_case_cats] Rather than a static maintenance schedule that gets updated a few times a year, a predictive analytics model can continue to learn from thousands of performance data points collected from manufacturing plants, suppliers, service providers and actual vehicles on the road. The industry is well on its way to completely customized maintenance schedules that […]

Root Cause Analysis

[wtm_use_case_cats] During the manufacturing phase, identifying the root cause(s) of an issue is a lengthy and painstaking process, performed with traditional methods, it’s also incredibly hard.Today’s vehicles are highly complex, and each driver has unique behavior, maintenance actions and driving conditions. Some issues arise only under very unique circumstances that were unseen in the manufacturing […]

Quality Control

[wtm_use_case_cats] Parts manufacturers can capture images of each component as it comes off the assembly line, and automatically run those images through a machine learning model to identify any flaws. Highly-accurate anomaly detection algorithms can detect issues down to a fraction of a millimeter. Predictive analytics can be used to evaluate whether a flawed part […]

Customer Behaviour Analytics

[wtm_use_case_cats] Analytics and information management present a significant opportunity for automakers to use quantitative techniques to support the planning of interventions across the customer lifecyle: – Understanding the potential value of different customer segments– Using the knowledge to strategically target new customers whilst maintaining the loyalty of existing customers– Improving customer experience to drive retention. […]

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