Editorial Peer Comparison, Opportunity Identification & Prioritization

[wtm_use_case_cats] Analytics powered platforms can classify content by topics and build a hierarchy of related topics in the taxonomy. Such platforms can double up for content insights as well as they include all the features of a content intelligence platform. Identifying topics that drive the most engagement can also help editorial teams streamline prioritization of reporting […]

Personalized Experience for Users

[wtm_use_case_cats] The best way to attract & engage and retain users is to deliver a personalized experience that learns from the user profile, behavioral cues, and the user’s stated choices. With analytics that can track additional dimensions such as quality of engagement, type & topic of content engaged with, channel, campaign & device used for […]

Publishing Audience Segmentation by Interests & Topic Affinities

[wtm_use_case_cats] An Analytics tool can auto-tags stories with topics and measures quality of engagement, and provide much more reliable Audience Interest based segmentation using sophisticated algorithms in Machine Learning. Benefits for the company For editorial and audience development teams, the ability to clusterize and view audiences by their topic affinities which is currently done using […]

Outlier Detection / Insight Discovery at High Data Velocity

[wtm_use_case_cats] Setting up a data pipeline with warehousing, collection models, filtering, storage, and processing requires significant effort, but the expense is justified if the output is instantly and demonstrably impactful. AI can simplify this task which currently requires manual intervention, by calling out anomalies in user behavior, traffic or even content. Benefits for the company […]

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