Network Optimization

[wtm_use_case_cats] Network management can be improved by analyzing issues related to network congestion- service consumption, utilization, and more.   With real-time data insights, the telecom service providers can determine network traffic value that facilitates targeting specific investments, tailoring good services or applications, and optimizing commercial bandwidth value.   Data analytics can help measure and analyze […]

Call Detail Record (CDR) Analysis

[wtm_use_case_cats] CDR contains information about each call which can help improve customer experience. Before using big data solutions, telecom companies used to spend a lot of time on this. Now, telecoms can review metrics such as packet loss, call quality, and call latency in real-time and take appropriate actions Benefits for the company The telecom […]

Location-Based Promotions

[wtm_use_case_cats]  The Telecom industry detects the real-time location of the customers and sends promotional texts by partnering with different merchants.. Benefits for the company These location-based promotions help the Telecom industry to increase their revenue. Feasability High Type of expertise/ AI domain Classification, Clustering – Machine Learning Algorithm Internal data required Location based data, usage […]

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