Player Retention

[wtm_use_case_cats] Big data enables casinos to gain the key knowledge of what attracts their customers which can effectively be put to use for enhancing retention in case any issues are detected. This can either be done by offering better perks to certain sections of the demographics or by coming up with new loyalty bonuses which […]

Social Media Analysis

[wtm_use_case_cats] Sentiment analysis is analyzing the customer’s inclination, emotions, and feelings towards a product, its brand, and personal reviews regarding that. In Sentiment, analysis data is gathered from different social media platforms. This data is interpreted, analyzed, and visualized to get insights out of it. This may help industries to know “What Customer Wants?”This helps […]

Fraud Detection

[wtm_use_case_cats] In the casino industry, fraud can be online and real life. Artificial intelligence for betting software, brought numerous benefits that it just didn’t have a decade ago. One major step was the introduction of anti-cheating and anti-fraud systems has been possible because of the application of machine learning and artificial intelligence. Various techniques are […]

Personalized Marketing

[wtm_use_case_cats] Like with any industry with an online presence, personalized marketing is actively been applied in the casino and the gambling industry as well. The marketers are trying to offer highly targeted interaction with customers to create meaningful marketing for the proper audience. The precise tailoring of the advertising assures which players are responsive to […]

Game Development

[wtm_use_case_cats] Data science can be used to build models to identify optimization and make predictions. Game design is becoming a popular area to build a career for the developers. Such game development is a complex process requiring various skills including skills of programming, data visualization, and animation. It is the creativity of the developers to […]

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